The service we offer

Our service to our clients includes health consultation and examinations using traditional knowledge of herbal medicine with today's scientific and clinical research.
Treated with dispensed, safe and quality assured herbal remedies.
We will take a full medical history and discuss your needs and concerns, looking at your mind, body and energetic self as a whole beautiful unit.
First time consults last for 1hr incl examination.
Many health conditions are treated, too many to name, women's, men and children's health and both long term conditions and acute sudden flare-ups. A brief idea, PMS, Skin conditions, Chronic fatigue, Attention Deficient, Libido, and Fertility concerns and others. View for details or call to have a chat regarding your needs.

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Check out some of our client reviews for the great health benefits and service we can provide you.

Detailed cost of services can be found on our main website. Prices do not incl herbal remedies which vary.
Item Name Price
First Time 1hr Consult £60
Skype First Time Consult £60
Under 12 New Consult £30
Under 3's New Consult £25
Follow up Consult 1/2 hr Adult £35

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Voucher Code
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Call to retrieve our in App deal.
You may also book via the app or email to verify you have used our app for our special in app discount.

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